Semi-Trailer Transporter


Another pretty impressive looking transporter left Allweld recently, it was definitely one-of-a-kind and a first for us being on a semi-truck. Internally, this vehicle has a good-sized living space including kitchenette, sitting & sleeping areas and bathroom facilities. There is also plenty of space for storage and features appliances such as a fridge, TV and … Read more

Race Car Transporter


Do you want a vehicle to take your prized race or show cars across the country? Check out this race car transporter we finished last month! It has plenty of room to store three race cars, and has a small living space to prepare a meal while on the road. This truck is also fitted … Read more

Mercedes Race Car Transporter


A few months ago we had the pleasure of watching this Mercedes drive out with another happy customer! Take a look at some video footage of this vehicle inside and out, showcasing all of its custom features. Not only is it equipped to transport other vehicles, but it also includes kitchen, bathroom & storage facilities. … Read more