Tool Boxes

Good tool boxes can save you time and money. Is the back of your ute or truck a mess?

Every trade is different, and each one uses different tools, often organised to suit their work processes. Designing a tool box for each individual not only helps keep them organised, it also helps the productivity by sensible organisation of the tools and equipment. A well designed and organised tool box does make a difference!

No matter what business you have, we will build tool boxes that suit you

Allweld is currently manufacturing and fitting out Custom Boxes and Accessories to many makes of vehicles. We’ve designed and built hundreds of unique tool box designs to suit any vehicle and trade. Our team will use this vast experience to help you design just the right setup for your unique business so you are organised and effective in doing your work.

Built by Allweld and you’ll get it RIGHT!

We build tough to your specifications

You give us the specifications for your truck body/ute tray or tipper and we deliver the exact layout you want and it will be built to last.

Allweld Manufacturing has been building truck bodies, ute trays and tipper configurations for many years and we understand how tough life can be for a truck body, ute tray or tipper. That’s why we build tool boxes and accessories that will survive all the tough work conditions that you can throw at it.

Call 07 4123 4244 for an obligation-free quote on a custom-made tool box.