Tag-along Trailers

Need an affordable trailer to tow your car or boat?

Then a custom made Enclosed trailer might just be the right one for you.. We listen to you and then design the trailer that will do what you want it to do.

It can carry a car, a boat or even some machinery and it will be built to handle the conditions and last for years

Enclosed trailers are a great choice for anyone who is looking for a trailer that is easier to handle, especially when you are a first-time trailer owner.

Apart from being less intimidating, there are a lot more advantages when choosing an Enclosed trailer:

Custom made for your individual needs
Allweld Manufacturing will work closely with you to design your trailer for your individual needs.
Enclosed Trailer from basic to highly customised

Customers can choose from a large range of options including:

You can choose from a large range of extras to be built in:

We build tough to your specifications
You give us the specifications for your trailer and we deliver exactly what you want and it will be built to last. Allweld Manufacturing has been building trailers for many years and we understand how tough life can be for a trailer. That’s why we build trailers that will survive all the tough work and conditions that you can throw at it.

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