About Allweld Manufacturing Pty Ltd

We provide manufacture of multiple repeat builds, first of type builds, prototype and mock-up designs.

Our focus is on delivering successful projects with the capability to cover the full scope of design, drafting, project management, manufacturing, construction, electrical fit-out and painting/finishing services.

Allweld has the knowledge, capacity, and capability to manufacture customised fabrications, like specialised vehicles, emergency response trailers, emergency vehicles, defence manufacture, and rollingstock. 

We have along history building truck bodies in various configurations for government, councils, and the private sectors. 

The discerning customer wanting a custom transporter for their race car, motorbike or vintage car should make the call to us, we can build your transporter to fit almost anything.

We also provide ongoing repairs, modifications and maintenance works while specialising in new builds of truck bodies, transporters, ute trays, canopies, emergency vehicles, trailers, rolling stock and marine vessels. 

With a proven track record of over 27 years, Allweld offers a full suite of services utilising our expertise with a wide range of CNC machinery and equipment. This versatility provides rapid production time and consistent level of precision and accuracy. Our promise of quality and support is to our customers, and our workforce to build trusting relationships, technical skills, and business acumen according to our values.  Being regarded as a leader in all material fabrication together with our CNC machining equipment we can handle large and difficult fabrication and machining projects from our facilities. Having a full design-and-construct engineering service, Allweld offers the skills and capacity to handle large and complex projects for all industries, from our machining and fabrication to our customised high-quality welding and fabrication services for Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Steel and Carbon Alloy.


We believe in collaboration.

Building a close working relationship with you enables us to earn your trust, gain deeper understanding of priorities and create a truly integrated solutions that can save on time and cost on even the most complex project.

Are you looking for a partner committed to supply chain value and resilience? 

This is what you will find when you give Allweld a call.

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