Special Projects

Special Projects

Our diverse business manufactures high quality products, first of type, mock up designs and Protypes including a list of special projects below.

  • Rolling Stock (EDI Downer) – Allweld manufactured a mock- up design of the full- scale PPP half saloon car and crew cab models. See wording extract from “On The Move” (The newsletter of EDI RAIL). “The quality and detail in the models have gone beyond that of previous projects undertaken by Downer EDI Rail, and those who have had the opportunity to view the interior of the saloon have been impressed with the detail, finish and the production quality of the components”. Allweld currently Performs design work for EDI Downer – Providing onsite and offsite design and development support of the logistical ground support equipment for the DTT refit.

  • Riklan Emergency Management Services located in Western Australia, use Allweld for manufactured various mock ups and firefighting simulators.

  • Helimods: Sunshine Coast contracted Allweld to manufacture and deliver the Life Flight mock up simulator, and a Simulator for Victoria Police both mock ups were actual size and tolerances required in aircraft manufacture.

  • Hydrera Water Services Pty Ltd (Offering complete fluid management solutions for industry around the world: Hydrera have contracted Allweld to manufacture various size tanks for multiple applications and industries.