PlateMaster Mono Hull

Our Mono Hull Range

Allweld Manufacturing Pty Ltd have been in business for over 27 years, building customised design solutions and innovations for renowned Government Bodies, Major Businesses and General Clientele who appreciate high quality yet competitively priced workmanship in a timely manner.

Allweld build special purpose PlateMaster boats for commercial and private use, using our own PlateMaster design or designs from a naval architect. Our builds have received accolades from many of our customers not only for our high build standards, but also the remarkably smooth ride of our PlateMaster design in the often-tough conditions.

As you can imagine, Allweld take great pride in the vessels we’ve designed and built for the wide range of conditions in Australia. Boat enthusiasts from around the country have selected our boats for fishing, rescue and leisure boating requirements because we custom-build each boat to meet each clients’ unique needs and wants. They love the flawless finish, comfort, style and incredible handling that is the hallmark of every PlateMaster boat. Our team takes special pride in designing and building these high-quality durable boats, especially since we’re one of the only builders who guarantee our workmanship and materials beyond any other brand. We simply won’t take shortcuts when it comes to building quality and durability in each of our boats, no matter the size or use. Our owner’s experience speaks volumes, and we urge you to speak to any of our boat owners about how they feel about our boats.

We not only build from new, but we completed 10-year refits, maintenance and modifications. We work with many local agencies to complete works, like the Coast Guard Sandy Straights “Pride of Maryborough” we have been servicing and maintaining their fleet of boats and trailers for many years.

Allweld Manufacturing are the product of our passion and commitment to build durable, reliable, cost-effective, on time fabricated designs for businesses and individuals looking for excellent craftsmanship. We are looking forward to designing and building more solutions for them as they replenish their fleet of ageing boats.

We want you on the water year after year!

Proprietary products supplied are backed by the OEM manufacturers’ 12 month warranty.

PlateMaster is a QLD transport Accredited Ship builder.

The Kingfisher 5200

If you ever wanted a boat that has it all and can do IT all, the Sport Cuddy 5.2 is IT!
“In response to our customers’ requests, we designed the Sport Cuddy 5.2 as a sleeker, smaller alternative to our larger Kingfisher. We wanted to design and build a boat that anyone can afford, is easy to move around with the family car, and has the same durability and performance as the Kingfisher. We believe our team came up with a GREAT design…you will too when you take a ride.”

At 5.2 metres, the Sport Cuddy’s aluminum hull just slides through the water.

“We are avid fishermen and our families love going out on PlateMaster boats. We designed the Sport Cuddy for our love of fishing, and to give our children the same joy we have. We build every PlateMaster boat as if our family is going to use it every day…safe, comfortable, fun, is just the beginning.”

Isn’t this what you want in a boat?

The Sport Cuddy 5.2 proves that small has no compromise. You get all the quality, all the performance, all the comfort, all the amenities you want to have a great time on the water. You are guaranteed a smooth ride, a great feel at the helm, and durability unmatched on the sea. Go ahead, enjoy yourself!

The Kingfisher 7000

Outfitted for the Serious Boater and for the SERIOUS FISHER

“We love this boat! This was one of our early family fishing designs, and we used it for ourselves first to see how comfortable it would be on extended family outings around Fraser Island. We had a blast! The performance was right where we wanted it to be, with smooth handling and ride even in the roughest conditions. The whole family loved the ease in maneuvering around the shallows and inlets. We believe this is a great all-around boat for fishing and fun. And with our newer designs and upgrades, this one is a winner!”

The Kingfisher 7300

“When a client came to us and asked us to build a larger boat that he could live in for extended fishing and leisure trips in potentially rough waters, we took on this challenge gladly. We designed the Kingfisher 7300 to perform smoothly in any conditions, while outfitting the boat for maximum comfort and fun. The Results were, to put it mildly, satisfying in every sense. Power, comfort, performance, fun; this one has it all.”

The Kingfisher 8400

“With each new boat, we’ve been given a chance to push ourselves to the limit. “CASTAWAY” was a labour of love, from design, the building, the fit out, to the final testing on the water. This was our dream come true for us. You can only imagine how the new owner feels. Really, sometimes words just fail us.”

The Kingfisher 8000
“Sportsmen kept asking us to design up a boat that combined a bit of luxury along with our standard high level of comfort and performance, while maximising the living space without affecting performance. As always, we challenged ourselves to come up with a new design that stretched our boundaries while still offering affordable luxury. “Night Shift” exceeded all our expectations; it’s no cliche! It really sat beautifully on the water, gave us new ways to enjoy fishing and family fun, and turned out to be a sleek beauty. Everyone who’s been on it just loves it as much as we do. It’s a proud addition to our fleet of customised designs.”

PlateMaster boats "Master built for Life"

PlateMaster Mono Hull Centre Console Design

“When the EPA contacted us about building a boat suitable for the varied conditions around Fraser Island and other challenging waters, we jumped at the opportunity to design a multi-purpose powerhorse. We are so gratified at the response of the new owners, and this design is a perfect cost-effective choice for the avid day-fisherman. We love all the options and possibilities this design offers. It’s just what people wanted from a tough boat.”

We build tough to your specifications
You give us the specifications for your vessel and we deliver exactly what you want and it will be built to last. Allweld Manufacturing has been building PlateMaster marine vessels for many years and we understand how tough life can be on the water. That’s why we build marine vessels that will survive all the tough conditions that the elements can throw at it.

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