Rhino Rack Ute and Canopy

Rhino Rack Ute and Canopy

Rhino Rack ute and canopy systems can be customised to suit varying floor pan profiles and cabin heights.

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ARB Ascent

ARB Classic

Auto Nexus


Flexiglass FlexiTrade

Flexiglass FlexiXover

Fully Equipped


Fixed Mount

Rhino Rack’s fixed Mount can be placed on the canopy roof with the GE backing plate. Only suitable for lighter loads. Legs are available in 50mm and 80mm height

Artificial Gutters

Artificial gutters will allow the use of traditional roof rack crossbars. Only suitable for lighter loads.

Cabin Mount

The Cabin Mount is fixed to the roof providing the platform for any height Rhino Heavy Duty gutter mount leg. This is the ideal solution for cabin bars that need to match high roof canopies.

Canopy Track Mount

Tracks are mounted to the canopy, hard top tonneau and hard top resin roofs. Crossbars can be adjusted along the tracks to accommodate your various loads. RLCP and RSP style legs can only be used with this system.

Canopy Rack Systems

The bent canopy posts transfer the load directly to the utility bed floor and are braced to the side to give further support.

JB Spacer/Height Adjuster

The removable RLK2500HALF-JB allows you to set the height of your ute cabin mounted support bar so it’s level with your ute’s rear mounted posts or canopy racks. Must be used in conjunction with 2 x rear ute posts or canopy racks.

Canopy Seal Angled

The CANSA is a canopy seal specifically designed to seal the canopy around the post on an angled surface.